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LHE Archives


LHE archives welcomes new contributions to our database.

Please do not upload copies of archival material (i.e. photographs of original manuscripts or documents). In general, publishing material from archival collections is prohibited without prior permission. Additionally we do not have sufficient storage capacity for large jpeg/image files.

Instead you can contribute by uploading information (metadata) about archival holdings, including archival references and descriptions. You can also upload word documents, excel files and/or PDF documents that contain other information such as transcriptions, indices or summaries.

The database accepts contributions at four levels of granularity. To contribute to the first three (listed here) use the forms below. 

  • individual documents or manuscripts. For example, a letter held at the State Records Office of New South Wales, such Lieutenant Governor Hobson to Governor Gipps, 7 May 1840, on a proposed bill for exceoptional criminal law for Māori, SRNSW, NRS 905, 4/2540. 
  • volumes or containers. For example, a register book of land grants held at the State Records New South Wales, such as: Register of Land Grants and Pardons, SRNSW, NRS 1215 SZ75, 1792-1795, or Vanderbilt Collection on Chief Justice Mansfield, Wesleyan University, Vanderbilt Collection, Box 316.
  • compilations of archival material relating to a particular topic or theme. For example, a PDF index of material in the National Archives of Sri Lanka relating to the history of the Supreme Court.

The fourth level of granularity is a research collection. This is for larger projects. Navigate to our Research Collections page for more information on how to contribute at this level. 

Contributors must also categorise contributions by subject, colony and repository type, according to the drop-down list of available options. The tight structure of these pre-defined lists allows for filtering/browsing all database material across these four categories. We also suggest entering up to six keywords (each on a new line) to provide more detail on relevant themes/persons/institutions.

You can then choose to leave your name and email contact details so that other LHE archives users can contact you for more information.

Select from the menu below to make a contribution.

***Pro-tip: Expand text boxes with a shaded corners, making it easier to read your contribution before submitting.

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